Woodworking Projects That Sell In 2024!

JAN 03,2024

👋 Do you love woodworking? At some point you've probably filled up your house with every conceivable project? What next? Why not create and build woodworking projects that sell

Many people wonder if a woodworking business is profitable, and it absolutely can be. These days it's so easy to sell stuff on the internet - if you can create amazing work, you can sell it.  


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  • "Woodworking is such a rewarding hobby, why not do what you enjoy and earn some extra cash in the process!"

"Woodworking is such a rewarding hobby, why not do what you enjoy and earn some extra cash in the process!"

Can You Make Money Selling Wood Crafts? YES YOU CAN!

A little extra income here and there can make a BIG difference in most people’s financial situation. If you’ve got some tools, and a little know-how, you can make some extra cash by focusing on woodworking projects that sell. It’s even possible to earn a full-time living with selling wood projects. You just have to learn your niche, market effectively, and learn how to sell online.

But where do you start? What kind of wood projects sell nowadays?


Wooden picture frames are easy to make and can be made to look unique by the decoration, color and embellishments you add to the wooden frame. Wooden picture frames will always be in demand and being inexpensive to make, and they don’t take very long either. They are a profitable woodwork project to embark on. 


How many wooden jewelry boxes do you have? Regardless of the number, a lady cannot have too many jewelry boxes. Some pallet wood found at your local hardware store, some wood glue and different hand tools are required to start. This makes for a great gift for the wife, girlfriend, or daughter, and anything that works for many different age ranges as a practical and affordable gift. 


People love to buy wine bottles either for their own home decor or as gifts. If you can craft the wine bottle case in a way that each can be personalized – with the name of the owner or recipient of the bottle – it could be a lucrative product on the online gifts marketplace.

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Unlike many of their plastic counterparts, wooden toys can withstand the test of time. Not only do they possess longevity, but toys made of wood look fabulous in nurseries and children’s bedrooms. Create a fun wooden play kitchen, a baby gym or toy cars! Kids would like these. They’re easy to make and you’d earn money too. 


Perhaps one of the simplest yet most utilitarian and practical project would be a wooden cutting board. They are also by far one of the easiest to make. A well-shaped piece of wood and some project ideas you can use would provide everything in making this project. Many people love to give beautiful custom cutting boards as gifts, especially to the cooking lover!


Everybody has a coffee table in their home. Whether in the living room or on the patio, these elegant wooden pieces make lovely centerpieces. However, a coffee table requires some woodworking experience, but it is doable with some little assistance. Tables of any kind are easy to pull off, you might not finish it in a day, but it is a fun learning experience. 

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Whittling and carving individual chess pieces takes a lot of time and skill. However, a handmade wooden chess set can be the perfect item to make. While the market is filled with varieties of chessboards, a sellable one would be a foldable chessboard that holds the piece. It is easier to carry around and store after beating your friends. 


Our phones are devices that never leave our side for more than a couple hours. People will love to use a phone stand or docking station to charge and hold their phone. 


Just like fruit bowls, it’s another one of those staples in the kitchen that can both look nice and be super practical too. One of the easiest and fastest kitchen utensils to make out of wood are large spoons and ladles, as well as salad tongs too. It provides people with a noteworthy talking point at their next dinner party, and they’re always in demand. 


These simple little pieces are always handy to use around the house. They are great if you don’t want to make water rings on your newly built coffee table. They require the same skills as making a cutting board and can be as elaborate as you would like to make them. 

Sure, there are plenty of unique things to make out of wood, but when it comes to the most profitable woodworking projects to build and sell, small and simple items, as we have discussed above, are usually the go-to way to put money in your pocket! So start your woodworking business today and set yourself up for success by putting some of these DIY ideas into action. You'll not only get to do something that you love on a daily basis, but you'll also make money doing something that will bring much joy to others.

Josh J. Gur - CEO

CEO of Sanrico