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18,000+ Verified Reviews



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★★★★★ Based on 18,748 reviews

★★★★★ ()

Supports Maintaining Health in Every Way!

“I was pretty impressed with the Bliss™ Smartwatch and all its options it has. I was really impressed with how it is able to tell the difference between deep restful sleep and light sleep and even showed a chart over the night which you find with the mobile app. I was also really surprised by the battery life, used it for 5 full days before it needs a charge! And it even has a menstrual cycle monitor with a reminder to set before it hits again, even included an ovulation monitor too if you want to be aware of those details. Plus it allows you to see music control, text messages and calls coming in. Very pleased with this purchase!!!” 

Lauren S. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

Perfect Watch
“Bought for my my mom. She wanted watches and fitness tracker. Easy wireless charging-no need to disconnect watches from strap and Battery holds up to 6-7 days. And of course, she paired it to her phone and sees all notifications - calls, texts with no need to have phone handy- it is very advantageous especially when she is outside. Easy navigation and comfortable wear. Heart rate is pretty accurate and indicates when it is too high. She likes it very much.” 

April U. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

Nice Watch
“Looking for a Smart Watch with great features? This is it! I broke my previous Huawei smart, so I needed a new smartwatch while hiking, biking, and working out. Hiked three miles today and then jumped in the pool. It's waterproof! So happy with my purchase.” 

Mariana C. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

Love it!

“The watch came faster than expected and in mint condition, it turned right on need to charge it a bit before going in depth with it so far so good. Thanks.”

Linda P. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

Love it!

“The watch came faster than expected and in mint condition, it turned right on need to charge it a bit before going in depth with it so far so good. Thanks.”

Linda P. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

Good Watch

“I am impressed. This watch works well and is lightweight, doesn't appear to scratch easily. I love the SMS alerts so now I never miss a call or text. The sports modes work well giving me good info on my exercises. Decent battery life. I wore it 4 days before I charged it when it was at around 25%. It charges quickly. I am very happy with my purchase.”
Brittanie N. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

“I waited a few months before reviewing so I could really see how I like it and omg I love it! I had a fit bit before and I barely used it but this watch is incredible! I am an animal nurse so I need a durable watch as well as functional and this watch does not disappoint. I love all the features and don’t find it overwhelming with choices and options and for the price point it's a no brainer!!”

Jessica O. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

Happy so Far

“This watch has a very simple interface design yet perfect for its use and the functions are just what You would need on day to day basis.” 

Caroline J. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

Nice Functions, Accurate, And Awesome Battery Life
“I love this watch! I use it for sleep tracking, work outs, step counting, alerts for messages, phone calls, social media etc. The mobile app is easy to use and the battery life is amazing!” 

Nancy U. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

Great purchase
“This Bliss™ Smartwatch /personal health tracker has exceeded my expectations. It was simple to set up to sync data onto my phone with an easy to follow app. Not only does it function as a watch but also a stop watch and timer. It also checks my heart rate and counts my steps throughout the day. It also has a relaxing function that instructs my inhales/exhales. The quality is amazing. You can’t beat the price either. Very satisfied customer. Recommended.”  

Eileen H. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

Can Not Live Without This Watch!

“I bought this product to help me track my exercise and my calories on the weight loss journey I started. Love to use it while I am working out, sleep tracker is amazing, over all is a good product for the price till today I have no complaints.”

Kathy S. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

Large Screen and Great Tracking Watch
“Works great! Battery life is really really good! Last it behind my dresser for weeks and was still charged when I found it. I bought two, one was for my brother because he wanted an Iwatch but he is reckless so I said why don’t we try a cheaper one first and go from there…. He is hooked! He does not want an iwatch now, he loves this one and one a side note too, he is a bigger man and it fit perfectly. So if you are concerned, it will fit!”

Kelly T. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

Amazing Buy, Highly Recommend
“I wanted to wait 3 full months before leaving a review to make sure the products has efficiency and durability. With that said, this watch has blown me away. Solid buy, no complaints and for the price, I really can’t believe it. Also the battery lasts a full week. That was a pleasant surprise too.”

Patricia D. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

A Must!

“Bought this over a month ago and am highly impressed. I have small wrists and was worried it would look too big on my arm but it doesn't. I only charge this once a week and workout 5 times a week, keep it on while I sleep and everything and the battery lasts forever, especially if you keep the brightness down it'll go even longer. It tracks everything I need, resting heart rate, sleep, workouts, text messages, email notifications, calls, steps and you can set alarms to vibrate so you don't wake your partner.

Highly recommended! ” 

Sophie G. 🛡Verified Buyer

It's basically perfect for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Smartwatches Only For Men?  

(Silly question, but worth an answer) Traditionally, smartwatches were techy gadgets aimed at a predominantly male audience. But things have definitely changed over the last decade. Women are now just as likely to own a smartwatch as men.

How Do I Switch Pages on My Bliss™ Smartwatch?

The side-rotating button can directly switch pages or scroll up, down, left and right which is more convenient and quick to prevent accidental touch.

Is Bliss™ Smartwatch Waterproof? 

This Bliss™ Smartwatch has a water resistance of 3 ATM! This means that the watch will be resistant against rain, splashes, and general hand washing.

Can Bliss™ Smartwatch Be Used While Swimming?

You can use it while swimming. It has 5 ATM rating.Devices backed by an international standard rating of 3ATM are deemed fit enough to withstand water submersion up to a maximum depth of 50 meters up to 10 minutes.

What Notification Can I Get On My Bliss™ Smartwatch? 

You get notifications for SMS, calls, calendar, email, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Youtube, Gmail, Outlook, Snapchat, as long as the notification feature is turned on and your phone and smartwatch are in bluetooth range and in sync.

Can We Reject Calls From Bliss™ Smartwatch?

Yes, you can reject calls from the smartwatch. 

Does Bliss™ Smartwatch Have Gesture Control?

Yes, Bliss™ Smartwatch comes with a gesture control that turns on the display when you raise your wrist to look at the screen.

Can Bliss™ Smartwatch Store and Play Music? 

Bliss™ Smartwatch has a remote music control feature that controls music and the track volume playing on your phone as long as your smartphone and smartwatch are in bluetooth range. However, it cannot be used to store music.

How Many Watch Faces Does Bliss™ Smartwatch Have?

Multiple dials can be selected to match different moods, switch as you like. It can be matced for various daily occasions. You can choose more favorite styles in the dial market. You can also upload photos to edit the watch face.

How Do I Increase Brightness of My Bliss™ Smartwatch Have?

 You can set the brightness from the watch. Turn on the watch screen, go to settings and select brightness and adjust it as per your convenience.      

How Do I Use The Stopwatch on my Bliss™ Smartwatch?

Go to Stopwatch on your smartwatch. Press Play to Start. Press Play again to pause. Tap Stopwatch to go back.

Why Won't My Bliss™ Smartwatch Device Sync? 

This may be because it lost bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone. For a stable connection, please ensure that the app is running and locked in the back ground.

Why can't I Set Up My Bliss™ Smartwatch Device? 

Reset your Bliss™ Smartwatch and try again.

How Do I Restart My Bliss™ Smartwatch?

You can restart your Bliss™ Smartwatch by following these steps. Turn on the watch screen. Swipe up, select Settings. Go to Restart and Choose to restart.

How Do I Charge my Bliss™ Smartwatch

The Bliss™ Smartwatch comes with a high-power, long-lasting battery. A full charge can keep track of your daily activities, can achieve a long and efficient battery life. Back at home, just put it on the compact magnetic wireless charger, and you're good to go! You don’t need jack or wire.

How Do I Check the Battery Level On My Bliss™ Smartwatch?

Turn on the screen and swipe up to check the battery level on your Smartwatch.

How Do I Know When My Bliss™ Smartwatch is Charged? 

Bliss™ Smartwatch will take approximately 2 hours to charge completely. It will display a 100% charged message once the battery is at full capacity.